Add value to your design services by integrating sysloop system for home-based technology solutions. Our services include customized installations, infrastructure designs and cabling.


The integration of modern lighting technologies and smart home systems brings architectural projects to a new level consistent with current international standards of quality and environmental friendliness. Due to the versatility of the LED lighting installation process, it can be integrated at the stage of project design as well as in the already completed building project.


Designer can use LED lighting, advanced innovation, exclusive lighting and color solutions to diversify his work and increase the value of his design services. Modern technologies enable us to create projects that have no analogues in the market.


Today intelligent light and automated smart home technologies become an integral part of lives of people who strive for comfort and efficiency. New technologies increase the cost and profitability of investments in residential and commercial real estate projects.


List of companies working with the supplier’s products says a lot about status and reliability of the supplier. Partnership with a company that works on large projects is a valuable investment for a supplier who wants to develop his business at the international level.
No matter how big or small your project is, we are particularly interested in a smooth and efficient workflow from the day one. Our team is ready to provide you with full support at all stages towards achieving the desired result.